Li-Fi Technology: Illuminating the Future of Wireless Communication

Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi Technology Introduction: In an era where connectivity is paramount, traditional wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi face challenges related to bandwidth congestion, security vulnerabilities, and spectrum limitations. In this context, Li-Fi technology emerges as a promising alternative, harnessing the power of light to transmit data and revolutionize the way we connect. Understanding Li-Fi: Li-Fi, … Read more

Internship/ Job Postings

19th May 2024 Internship/ Job Postings : 1. Legal Internship on Intellectual Property Laws at Kanoon Junction. Eligibility:Law students from 1st year to 5th year Dose Includes:-Introduction to Intellectual Property LawsTrademark Search ReportPatent Search ReportDrafting Opposition NoticeDrafting Examination ReplyREGISTRATION LINK: Points:-Duration- 1st June – 30th JuneMode- OnlineCertificate of Learning will also be issued 2. … Read more

Saturn Transit over 2nd House over Natal Planets

Saturn Transit

Saturn Transit over 2nd House over Natal Planets : Saturn Transit over Natal Sun in the 2nd House: This transit can bring increased focus and responsibility regarding financial matters. The individual may feel pressured to take charge of their finances, budget effectively, and work diligently to improve their financial stability and security. Saturn Transit over … Read more

Saturn Transit over Natal Sun in the 1st House

Saturn Transit

When Saturn transits over all planets in the 1st house of a natal chart, it can significantly influence various aspects of an individual’s life, particularly their personality, self-expression, and approach to life. Here’s a breakdown of how Saturn’s transit over each planet in the 1st house might manifest: Saturn Transit over Natal Sun in the … Read more

Transits of Saturn over Natal Planets Part – 1

Transits of Saturn

Transits of Saturn over Natal Planets In astrology : when planets transit over natal planets in a horoscope, it can have various effects depending on the planets involved, the houses they rule, and the aspects they form with other planets. Here are some general interpretations: Conjunction When a transiting planet conjoins a natal planet, it … Read more